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EXLcode is an intelligent open-source online IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that brings the speed, extensibility, and flexibility of a desktop IDE to the browser. With EXLcode, developers securely collaborate in real-time, instantly share and provision pre-configured dev workspaces, leverage limitless computing power, and enjoy the freedom of developing on-the-go from supported tablets and mobile devices. EXLcode boosts productivity and streamlines the developer experience with smart code completion, quick fixes, refactoring, and diff visualization to deliver the ultimate editing experience on the cloud.
EXLskills is an open-source and open-content technology learning platform that offers interactive online IT courses for industry professionals, hobbyists, and students. With EXLskills, users have free access to courses developed by thought leaders covering a variety of IT topics, from programming, to security, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and DevOps. Throughout the learning process, learners participate in discussions with professional moderators and create their own open-source portfolios to share with the community and potential employers.
EXLone is an application-based digital skills training platform for businesses to empower their employees with the requisite skills of the modern workforce. With EXLone’s unique intelligent analytics, content management tools, and distributed knowledge sharing ecosystem, enterprises achieve higher employee satisfaction, retention, and on-the-job performance.